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"Your website is the digital window to your organization.

It allows people to digitally "window shop" and decide if they will engage with your brand."

- Shajan M. Karottu, Founder, In the Light Studios

SHS logo_Strategic

After working with a number of other agencies without the desired results, Strategic Hospitality Search (SHS), approached ILS to change up its visual appeal. 

We designed a site that reflected SHS's expertise and high-touch driven process. Once they went to market, organizations who were vetting them against other agencies decided to work with SHS because of how it's website visually spoke to them - it connected both mentally and emotionally.

"Design plays an essential role in creating and building brands.

Design differentiates and embodies the intangibles - emotion, context and essence that matter most to consumers."

- Moira Cullen, Design Director, Cola-Cola


With a desire to continue to tell compelling stories in the wedding industry, ILS decided to focus its marketing efforts. In that decision, ILS created ILS Weddings, a division of ILS offering couples high-quality wedding planning, photography, and films. 

In order to create an experience like no other, ILS brought those 3 key services together to stand apart from its competitors. It also needed a site to visually convey its high-touch service. 

"Design is intelligence...

made visible."

- Lou Danziger, Designer and Educator


An organization run by entrepreneurs and business leaders, CBF is a non-profit created to encourage, equip, and energize others to lead well. Run by volunteers, the organization did not have the resources, nor the ability to create a site that visually communicated its value. 

ILS stepped into the void, and designed, and continues to design, all of CBF's visual material. The website is just one of its tools in which is communicates it's business model and value.

"Good Design...

is good business."

- Tom Watson, former Chairman, IBM


An American manufacturer and supplier of high-quality vinyl windows and doors, Win-Dor needed to rebrand it's site to be more current with design trends, be more responsive, and stay competitive within its market.

Changes and modifications to text, copy, image selections and layout increased the value perception of the organization, maintaining its status in its market. 

"You should be able to cover up the logo

and still identify the company because the look and feel is so distinctive."

- Michael Bierut, Partner, Pentagram


CBT Pharma is an innovative biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery and development of oncology combination therapies. It had rebranded into Apollomics and was in need of visually communicating its story.

Their marketing team reached out to ILS to help visually communicate Apollomics and reposition its brand.