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Accessing information about your school is vital for potential students parents, community members, strategic partners, and potential new hires to decide if they'll engage with your school. Your website is key in making that possible for them.

Invite them to learn more

Make your content easily accessible

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast...solve for culture and your career will never be the same again."

- Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google

If school is the place where kids are taught to be lifelong learners, it's imperative their school leadership embody the same mindset. Adjusting your website to be flexible amongst various devices and platforms is vital to engage with a community that is longing to learn more about you. 

With almost 50% of users utilizing their mobile devices to access websites, your school's ability to be accessible and easily understood is vital to your school's future success.

Visually communicate your culture & climate through

Effective School Websites

Turn your liability into an asset

Communicate with purpose

4 questions to ask yourself before rebuilding your website

red circle with a number 1
Who is your website meant for?
Community Partners
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How do you acquire them?
Social Media
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Your Website and Digital Homebase

(This is your offense and defense of digital marketing)

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What do THEY want from your website?

black icon of a magnifying glass with people

See who teaches there

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Understand resources, clubs, and activities available for students

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See which strategic partners are involved

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Understand school mindset, beliefs, and teaching philosophy

black icon of laptop

See if school is tech-savvy, current, and organized

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What do YOU want from your website?

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Become their trusted "go-to" school

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Show them your students' accomplishments and achievements

black icon of envelope

Capture their email address

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Include them in your community

black icon shaking hands

Peak interest for potential new hires, volunteers, and strategic partners

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Have prospects contact you for a school toor

Master your time with 24/7 school access

360° Virtual Tours

“Everyone has the gift of time, but few utilize."

- M.K. Soni

As the leader of your school, protecting and prioritizing your time is essential for effective leadership. You cannot be expected to be available whenever someone wants to view your school for a tour. 

You need processes and systems in place so that you can multiply your time and get the same or better results.

To show them that you understand their needs, providing access to a virtual tour of your school is the best way to visually showcase and allow people to interact with your space online, 24/7. 


Other benefits of having a virtual tour include: 

Build and extend your brand awareness

Create a user experience with custom videos, photos, callouts, and slides

Increase engagement up to 5-10x longer on your website

Generate qualified leads by increasing comfortability of your space

Increase opportunities for inquiries/bookings

Virtual tours help promote your school by showing what you have on the inside. It allows families to be that much closer to making a decision to enroll at your school.

Adapt how you communicate

Cast Vision with an up-to-date interactive school website

Your website is your organization's best sales associate. It "sells" for you 24/7 without complaint. The question is, have you equipped it in a way that it inspires others to take action?

In our day and age, websites have the capability to educate, enlighten, invigorate, and inspire others to get involved in what you are living, breathing, and fighting for - our kids and our future.

Your website is the home base and litmus test that communicates that you understand the age and world we live in. Is it time for your school to adapt how it communicates?

If you feel like your school website doesn't effectively communicate who you are, and showcase your students, your belief, your mission, and your vision in a way that you're proud of, what are you willing to do about it? 

“Interactive experiences require nonlinear thinking, inviting interfaces, and creative intelligence."

— Stella Gassaway, Vision and Creative Principal, Stallarvisions

Be proud of what you present to others

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