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Watch the video below to plan for our next steps! 

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Next Steps

We're excited, and we hope you are too! This can be something REVOLUTIONARY for you!

Below are 2 things we need you to do:

#1: Schedule a time to meet to talk about the process and ask any questions/concerns you may have.

#2: Find out when you're up for renewal with your current website provider and know what you're currently spending annually. Understand what they're doing for you, what they're not, and what you actually believe you need

#3: Vet us! Check out our work and talk to our principals. We want to make sure you're confident in moving forward with us.

#4: Check out and buy, INSPIRE: The Principal's Brand Marketing Guidebook to start priming your mind and how to transform the face of education. Get it on Amazon today. 

Schedule Time to Meet!

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About the Author

Shajan M. Karottu (aka Shaj)

(pronounced Shah-jin Kah-raw-too; Shaj is pronounced as Shodge)

Shaj taught and inspired students at a career-focused college as the Program Chair of both Video and Web Design programs early in his career. He oversaw faculty, taught and advised students, developed and built curriculum, created budgets, designed and implemented processes and systems to improve the student experience, produced and hosted workshops and events, and worked with admissions to help triple student enrollment over his 6-year term as Program Chair.

Ready to inspire differently, he ventured to start In the Light Studios, which focused on helping organizations enrich their visual presence through storytelling. In his pursuit of helping others, he became an executive director for a true crime documentary, Who Killed My Son (streaming on Discovery Plus). He has worked with Fortune 5000 companies, major brands, businesses, non-profits, and schools.

In doing so, Shaj saw the massive need for education to step up its game and be the birthplace of inspiration once again. Shaj has transformed ILS into a brand marketing creative agency that leaders and educators can rely on to steward their vision.

Shaj leads ILS's mission to transform 5,000 schools across the US over the next decade.