Compelling messaging

Using Words To Communicate

"Design is intelligence made visible."

– Lou Danziger, Designer and Educator

"The client is the author. We are the interpreter."

– Bart Crosby, Principal, Crosby Associates

Understanding your community

Take time to listen and understand your brand community (this can be employees, clients, and/or strategic partners). This process of listening and understanding is what we call "mining for golden nuggets." It's during this time of mining that we discover the truth identity and develop its brand campaign.

Getting Authentic Insight

Their satisfaction (and issues) with your organization will naturally be conveyed as they talk about their experiences. Not only will they provide valuable information and convey what the organization does in a way that you can use to market, but their feedback allows you to know how to move forward and adjust to perfect your brand.

believing the vision

Because of it, messaging and marketing no longer looks or feels fabricated as you are using the words and phrases of your organization's brand community and adjusting to them. New customers not only encounter messaging that is real and authentic, but an organization that is true to it. They are now inspired and motivated to get involved.

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