Raj Patel

Filmmaker and Marketer

The Silent Executioner, ready to hustle and get things done.

focused and on point

"Those who tell the stories rule society."

- Plato

With a heart for film and sharing a different perspective, Raj started his career producing short films and engaging in the film production industry. Early only, he produced an anti-bully short film that won first place in a local community contest and received close to 1 million views on Youtube. His passion is to tell stories that get others to think differently.

Raj started working at ILS in 2014 and became full-time in 2016. With a versatile skill set, you'll find Raj at ILS filming, editing, working on motion graphics, painting with light, working on photography, color grading, and helping us reach more principals and schools.

When away from ILS, you'll find Raj hitting the gym or enjoying time in the sun on the beach, far, far away from Chicago.

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