Revealing a high-quality brand presence to match its top-tier brand experience.

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Strategic Hospitality Search is a boutique recruiting agency providing top-tier talent to organizations in the hospitality industry. Relational and highly process driven, they provide consistent, transformational service in a way that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Process of Revealing the True

Brand Identity

SHS started growing its organization to help boost sales. Unfortunately, it wasn’t gaining the traction it had long been desiring. They had rebranded their organization with another creative agency and developed a site that didn't visually connect with clients.

They would consistently receive phone calls from unqualified leads that would waste time and money. Forms on their site caused confusion as to who was a client versus a candidate and made more work for staff to organize the content once recieved. The ogranization made a goal to increase sales and wanted to breakthrough it's financial plateau. 

How we impacted the brand using our

7-Step Creative Process

1. Listen & Learn the why

Understanding target, core values & beliefs

After reviewing a number of their presentation materials, listening to their process and customer service approach, hearing their desire to grow, their niche market and what sets them apart from other organizations, it was clear they were not targeting the top-shelf clients they were able to serve.

The Founder was a clear expert, had plenty of experience and gravitas, wasn't going to put up with complacency, and wanted both his clients and candidates to impact the industry. He implemented a process that was proven and delivered quality candidates quickly.

2. Research & Develop

knowing the market & what set them apart

Recruitment agencies around the US were constantly showcasing who they were, their office and were flashing videos about themselves. Not one organization spoke to the customer about what they needed.

Clients SHS spoke to complained about working with other agencies who did not provide qualified leads. Clients were consistently impressed with the leads SHS would provide due to their thoughtful and complete process. Because of it, they would have qualified candidates prior to the need even arising.

3. Collaborate

Processing the Strategy together

SHS brought us into their fold. They pulled back the curtain and revealed to us their content flow, their process, how they've operated, and their long-term vision. They brought us into their staff meetings, advisory board meetings, and even their holiday parties to allow us to gel with their staff.

Because of this, we were able to connect. We heard how they sold, how they communicated to one another, and what they really wanted. We were able to experience a culture that we could then internalize and visually communicate.

Strong, bold & classy

4. Design

Speaking their language

SHS had to visually communicate in a way that was consistent with their sales pitch. The current messaging didn't convey a persona. It was functional to a degree, but not how they needed it to be.

Moving away from it's previous brand colors (green and white), we redesigned SHS to use blue, black and white and strategically chose photographs that helped communicate the high-quality venues it would serve. The grid montage and use of the various uses of the brand identity symbolically emphasized it's systematic process and it's dynamic ability to provide superior candidates quicly - a highly sought competancy in the marketplace.

SHS Landing Page

Unified & cohesive messaging

5. Deliver

Going to Market

Taking the time to listen and understand their sales approach we suggested a strong close regarding the CTA - almost a challenge to the prospect. Apprehensive at first, SHS decided to take the risk and see how the CTA would work, knowing they could always change it. From the time we've implemented the CTA, it still has not changed - the outcomes of that decision speaks for itself; inscreased qualified leads and better use of the staff's time.

6. Measuring


“In nearly 20 years of agency work, I’ve never had someone say, ‘I’m choosing you because of your website.’ I can’t say that anymore. We’ve gotten more qualified leads because the branding and images on our website demonstrated our identity perfectly.”

Joseph D'Alessandro | Founder and CEO, Strategic Hospitality Search


Team Morale

Rebranding the site inserted excitemet and energy with the staff. With the new visuals, the sales team was excited to promote and share their content.


Brand Awareness

Prospects would select SHS due to the way it was visually speaking to them. What SHS stood for and how it was messaged stood apart from it's competitors.


Value of Organization

The website filtered suspects from prospects. Time spent determining if clients were serious decreased. Clients understand the organization's stance prior to calling.


Time Efficiency

The website filtered suspects from prospects. Time spent determining if clients were serious decreased. Clients understand the organization's stance prior to calling.


Qualified Leads

After reviewing a number of recruiting agencies, clients would select SHS due how the website communicated their identity. Phone calls were qualified leads.