Revealing the brand identity and visually communicating the values for the small business owner.

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Christian Business Fellowship (CBF) is a non-profit organization that helps Christian business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs grow their practice and teaches them how to intersect faith with business. They meet once a month for business teaching and breakout into their Christian Advisory Boards (CABs) to process business issues.

The Process of Revealing the True

Brand Identity

Establishing CBF's brand identity was a process that demanded some heavy lifting. Knowing the gospel is "an aroma to some and a stench to others," CBF wanted to be very careful on how it positioned itself in the marketplace. We had to craft the teachings, design the worksheets and message the organization in a way that Christians would identify with while not detracting others who needed business teaching and fellowship regardless of their spiritual background.

How we impacted the brand using our

7-Step Creative Process

1. Listen & Learn the why

Understanding target, core values & beliefs

CBF had a vision to help train Christian business owners to be better at business as they saw the lack of them in the marketplace. They stood by 3 core values: to equip, encourage, and energize.

They would also point to Romans 11:36, "For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.” reminding each other that it's because of God anything is even possible. Intersecting faith with business was a non-negotiable of the organization. 

2. Research & Develop

knowing the market & what set them apart

Small groups of business owners were beginning to meet around the nation for the purpose of building one another up. They would share testimonies, fellowship, network, and pray.

But, organizations like CBF did not provide teaching to its participants. The caliber of training CBF provided far exceeded other business training groups. CBF was growing rapidly due to the caliber of training at the cost & quality unavailable anywhere else.

3. Collaborate

Processing the Strategy together

CBF's board had 8 of 9 members who were business owners and each of them had a vision of what they saw as CBF's visual identity. As is common, not everyone agreed on one another's vision.

Instead of designing to personal preferences, we went back to the core of what CBF was about. We focused on why the organization is doing what it is doing by examining and exploring the organizations's foundational verse. 

Branding Guide

ILS created a branding guide for chapters to utilize to understand how to maintain the brand. Logo lockups, colors, layouts, photography, graphical elements, and how to message on social media are only some of the items described in this guide. 

4. Design

Emotionally Connecting with People

Upon revealing the logo mark, the board responded emotionally. They began to share their own viewpoints of what the crown meant to them and how they believed it represented the organization.

Due to their response, the mark was accepted and assigned to all aspects of the organization. Training and marketing materials such as flyers, banners, signs, videos, slides, worksheets, and products were soon made with the mark to help others identify, market, and remember CBF.


Membership Features

We created custom graphics for different features of the program as well as designed book covers and layouts. On top of design, we strategically helped with business issues by designing a network platform and an online learning management system (LMS) for members to gain access to teaching outside the monthly meetings.



Christian Advisory Board


Membership Access Portal

Online Ed

Business Video Training


Business Shift


Campanion Boook

Web Design & Marketing

5. Deliver

Going to Market

As CBF continued providing their teaching, we implemented our design over time. Both current and participants felt the difference in the visual presentation and saw the organization take itself more seriously. Newcomers were astounded by how polished the presentation of the non-profit was. They valued the teaching, the commradory, and came back as members. Groups who who flew in to experience the meeting committed to launch their own chapter in their home state.

6. Measuring


“Retaining ILS for our branding and design work proved to be a great decision. From our logo and design to our website, and through video production, social media, and printed materials, ILS ensure our message and image was consistent, polished, and professional.”

Joseph D'Alessandro | Executive Director 2015-2018, Christian Business Fellowship

“When someone told me about CBF, I was expecting to show up to an event that was meeting at a church basement with some rickety-type-put-together-presentation. The meeting production and delivery far exceeded my expectations. It was impressive, and I’ll be back!”



Membership Growth

CBF exponentially grew from approximately 70 to about 250 members across the organization, solely run by volunteers with 1 paid staff.


Brand Awareness

From 2014 to 2018, CBF was able to launch 9 new chapters due to established processes, systems, and branding. We established consistent messaging marketing with flyers, brochures, booklets, and video testimonies at various events.


Paid Memberships

Initially, the organization was not charging membership dues but soon began to charge its members a nominal fee creating positive cash flow into the organization



Membership Benefits

Created workbooks, journals, a platform for networking and a Learning Management System hosting video business training.


9 New Chapters

Crafted CBF-in-a-box and was able to launch 9 new chapters in 3 years due to established processes, systems, and branding.